Abortion Access for Ohio residents in Buffalo, NY

Overnight abortion access in the United States vanished with the Dobbs decision which overturned Roe v. Wade.  In many states, old antiabortion laws were reinstated or new ones like the "heartbeat law" were passed virtually outlawing abortion.  Ohio, close to us in Buffalo, NY, was one of those states.

We want all Ohio residents to know that abortion is legal for them in New York State.  There are many providers in New York City but there are also a few providers in Upstate New York--we are one of them.  We offer abortions from 5 to 22 weeks gestation, use IV moderate sedation and are connected with funding agencies that readily supply funds for the procedure, travel and accomodations.  You cannot be prosecuted for an abortion you obtain out of state!  We are here to help you--please call--Buffalo Women Services 716-835-2510

Dr. Katharine Morrison

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