LGBTQ Care Specialist

Buffalo Women Services

Obstetrics Gynecology & Abortion located in Buffalo, NY

The respectful team at Buffalo Women Services in Buffalo, New York, can address the gynecologic needs of those in the LGBTQ community. Board-certified OB/GYN Katharine Morrison, MD, and the highly trained team offer lesbian gynecology, hormone therapy if you’re transitioning, and other types of LGBTQ care, and strive to make sure their patients feel safe, welcome, and well-taken care of. Schedule an appointment by phone or online to learn more about your options today.


What is LGBTQ care?

LGBTQ care includes medical care that addresses the specific needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community. Historically, people in this community have avoided necessary gynecological and reproductive health care, including Pap smears, because of concerns about disrespectful treatment. 

At Buffalo Women Services, the highly-trained OB/GYN team has a special interest in providing gay/queer/lesbian/trans-positive care. They have many years of experience providing exceptional LGBTQ care, including hormone therapy for trans clients and lesbian gynecology. Buffalo Women Services celebrates all expressions of gender and sexuality.

What are the benefits of LGBTQ care at Buffalo Women Services?

Some of the many benefits of LGBTQ care at Buffalo Women Services include:

  • A highly trained, respectful staff
  • A medical team experienced in LGBTQ issues
  • Expertise in hormone therapy and lesbian gynecology
  • Non-rushed appointments
  • Compassionate staff
  • Exceptional health services

What happens during LGBTQ care appointments?

When you arrive for a gynecologic health exam at Buffalo Women Services, you’re greeted by the warm, welcoming staff. Your OB/GYN provider checks your weight, blood pressure, pulse, and other vital signs. They discuss your medical history, any symptoms you have, and the desired outcome if you’re transitioning. 

Dr. Morrison completes a comprehensive interview and physical exam, which may include a pelvic exam and Pap smear and cultures to screen for cervical cancer and other gynecologic conditions. She might recommend blood tests, a urine test, ultrasound, or other imaging procedures as necessary. 

What are my treatment options?

If you’re in good health, then no treatment is needed. You might desire birth control options or having a mammogram as a preventive medicine strategy. If you’re transitioning to a preferred gender, Dr. Morrison offers hormone therapy and guidance to help you reach your goals. 

If you have a gynecological condition requiring treatment, she may suggest further diagnostic testing, treatments, medications, lifestyle changes, or appropriate gynecologic surgery.

You don’t have to avoid getting gynecologic health examinations because of fears of disrespectful treatment. Schedule an LGBTQ care appointment with the highly compassionate team at Buffalo Women Services by phone or online today.