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Buffalo Women Services OR Planned Parenthood For Your Abortion?

Planned Parenthood offers mostly medication abortions at their sites in Western New York.  They offer surgical abortions in one site but only up to 13 weeks. The medical abortions are administered by various nurse practitioners at Planned Parenthood.  A medical abortion is a series of pills taken to induce a miscarriage.  The medical abortion has been portrayed as an easy solution to unwanted pregnancy up to 10 weeks gestation and for some women it is.  Unfortunately, many women find the experience of miscarrying at home to be far more painful than they anticipated.  Additionally, it has an 8% failure rate which means that women who thought the pregnancy was terminated are faced with a more advanced gestation.  

Buffalo Women Services offers surgical abortions from 5 to 19 weeks by Dr. Katharine Morrison, a Board Certified Obstetrician Gynecologist with 35 years of abortion experience.   There are virtually no failed surgical abortions!  Your care is more consistent with our practice—your appointment is made by our front office, not a call center, your ultrasound is performed by our staff, your counseling is performed by Dr. Morrison or the Executive Director, your procedure is only performed by Dr. Morrison and you will have your 5 week follow-up visit with her, also.  If you have problems or concerns, your call is returned by our nurse, who has worked here for 30 years, and any issues will be resolved by Dr. Morrison, the same physician who performed your procedure.  She is available 24 hours a day /7days a week.  There is never the frustration of explaining your concerns to staff who are unfamiliar with your situation. Many patients continue gynecologic care with us because they like stable attention Dr. Morrison provides, rather than the fragmented care offered by other clinics. 

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